CMT Trading Australia

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CMT Australia is an import/export company specialising in trading high quality products from Australia and New Zealand to China and vice versa. We are proud to offer our customers 100% Australian made products, delivered rapidly, and with excellent customer service.

At CMT, we currently export Australian wines, olive oils, long-life milks, fruit juices, wool products, fresh fruits, and Manuka honey from New Zealand. However, at CMT we will wholeheartedly attempt to fulfil all of your import and export needs, no matter what products you are interested in. No need or requirement is ever too big or too difficult. CMT Australia will tailor-make the import/export experience for you – we always put our customers first.

CMT Australia is a company with strong principles; we are a trustworthy, loyal organisation. When working together with us you are not simply purchasing a product, you are buying confidence and peace of mind. We have an honourable reputation in the industry, exemplified by stories such as when we were invoiced for less than a product’s quoted price (from one of our suppliers), we immediately made contact and informed them of their error.

High quality merchandise at reasonable prices, strong interpersonal relationships with our wide range of suppliers, and a focus on pure, natural, and healthy products has made CMT Australia a stand-out business in the Australia to China import/export sphere.

Some companies advertise, ‘Australian quality’ or ‘Australian Standard’, but in reality the quality isn’t up to scratch. We trade products with the ‘Product of Australia’ logo – 100% Australian made, Australian produced, Australian processed, and Australian manufactured. We go out of our way to acquire certifications of proof of authenticity.

At CMT Australia, we want to create long, well-established relationships with both our suppliers and our customers. We are obsessed with natural, healthy products like 100% wool quilts, only Extra Virgin olive oil, and 100% all natural fruit juices with no added sugar or preservatives. Plus, if you can drink or eat it, we make sure it tastes good (by trying every product ourselves!), and we make sure you can get each and every variety, flavour, or style possible!